What BMW Did To Trap A Thief Inside The Vehicle He Stole Will Drop Your Jaw!

Sometimes there is a lighter side to crime and Seattle Police Department are well known for including a bit of humour in their crime reporting.


The ever witty Jonah Spangenthal-Lee, deputy director of communications for the SPD was good enough to share this rather funny story on the department’s blog. As much as technology is being used against us by devious modern criminals it is also often effectively used to catch them as well. Spangenthal-Lee tells us that they responded to a call from BMW regarding a not too bright car thief that they had remotely tracked and locked inside the vehicle.

The owner of the vehicle had apparently carelessly left his keys in the vehicle and the thief decided it would make a good ride. Little did he know that once reported as stolen, BMW were able to easily track the location of the car and remotely lock the doors, trapping the hapless joy rider inside. The vehicle was tracked to Ravenna neighbourhood in Seattle. There was no need for police to rush to the scene as when they arrived, they found the BMW parked with the suspect fast asleep at the wheel.

I don’t suppose he had anything much better to do at the time. When the owner reported the missing car, police got in touch with BMW, who used their tracking system to locate the vehicle. Approaching the stolen automobile, officers found the car parked with the suspected thief snoozing behind the wheel. The 38 year old suspect was arrested by the SPD for auto theft who added drug possession to his charges after a small amount of methamphetamine was found on him.

I am no drug expert but I thought meth kept you awake and alert, well not for this poor chap. Crime is generally not a funny thing but one really has to chuckle at this story. I can just imagine him telling cell mates what he is in for, “locked inside a BMW he had just stolen, fast asleep”. Great use of technology and well done to BMW as well as the brave members of the SPD who still manage to see the lighter side of what is otherwise a difficult and dangerous line of work.