Stolen Corvette Finds It Way Back Home After A Whopping 40 Years!

All good things come to those who wait, but 40 years to get a stolen car back… Wow. Many, many years ago, in 1976, Modesto Flemming had her 1964 classic Corvette stolen in Anaheim.

Credit Credit: Red Bluff CHP

Little did she think that a full 40 years down the road she would be reunited with her car. Strange but true, this is exactly what happened. This all came about when a rather observant car enthusiast happened to notice something amiss with the VIN (vehicle identification number) at a get together in Red Bluff, California. He noticed that the VIN was for a different model. Personally, I wouldn’t even know where to look for a VIN number but clearly, this man knows his stuff.

The then owners, being good upstanding citizens, took the vehicle to the nearest California Highway Patrol to be inspected. Exactly as the car enthusiast had suspected, the car was indeed stolen, with the “new” VIN belonging to an Impala. The poor owner was oblivious to this and had received the car back in 1987 as a gift from his wife.  She had purchased the vehicle from a dealer that sadly, but not surprisingly, is no longer in business.

Credit: Red Bluff CHP Credit: Red Bluff CHP

It took a bit of detective work to track down Flemming, the original owner who had since moved to Arizona. Police had to sift through old microfiche records to get to the bottom of it. The Corvette which is still in great condition after all this time has an estimated market value of over $50,000 now. A delighted, if not somewhat flabbergasted, Flemming made her way back to Red Bluff to reclaim her long lost car.

One can only imagine her reaction when she received the phone call informing her they had found her car, 40 years on. Police commented that the new owners would not face any consequences as they were unaware of any wrongdoing. They are however now without the car that I am sure they had grown attached to and it is unclear if they will receive any form of compensation for their loss.

So rather sad news for them but the right thing was done and I am sure Flemming is over the moon. Just a pity the actual perpetrator, if he is even still alive, could not be brought to book.