SRT Hellcat X With 800-HP Turbocharge Has Finally Hit The Roads!

Dennis Daly can be seen and heard ripping up the roads of Folsom, California in his turbocharged as well as supercharged Challenger SRT Hellcat X.


For those that do not know, the Challenger SRT Hellcat X is a one of a kind creation by Dodge, proudly made for the Dream Giveaway organisation. What Dream Giveaways do is sell raffle tickets and the lucky winner gets both the new and the old car at the same time. Talk about a win. All proceeds from the raffle go towards charity.

The enthusiastic Dennis Daly, 71, spent $110 over the course of a year on the $3 tickets to win this amazing prize. He received the Challenger SRT Hellcat X as well as a mint condition 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T. They even threw in $40,000 cash to cover his tax on the winnings. This was back in July. Before Dennis could get his hands on the wheel, Dream Giveaway had an opportunity to show off the car’s unbelievable performance. The sound alone is enough to get any car enthusiast excited.

Dennis is a United States Air Force veteran and is no stranger to the drag strip, although I am sure he has never experienced anything even close to the Hellcat X. Other vehicles given away in the competition include a Pontiac Firebird, a Lingenfelter-modified Chevrolet Corvette and two Ford Mustangs – one new and one classic model. The special edition Challenger sports 805 horsepower and 800 pound-feet of torque which is a step up from the standard 707 hp and 650 pound-feet of torque.

Some might consider the increase a tad conservative, given the modification of twin-turbochargers. The reason has to do with the more basic series configuration whereby the turbocharger outlet feeds directly into the supercharger. The standard supercharger is built to accommodate air at atmospheric pressure so the turbochargers tweak the extra pressure to ensure the integrity of the supercharger as well as the rest of the engine.

Mr. Daly’s prize is nothing short of the most powerful production car in the history of America and takes its inspiration from the U.S. Navy prototype XF6F Hellcat which is also turbocharged and supercharged. Happy motoring Mr. Daly, you lucky man.