Tommy Hilfiger Plans On Selling His 3,000-Mile Ferrari Enzo For A Whopping…

It is not every day one gets the opportunity to get their hands on a limited edition supercar, especially one from such a famous figure. Fashion and retail icon, Tommy Hilfiger is sending his Ferrari Enzo to auction.


It is clear that Tommy did not use the incredible car all that often as it has a mere 3,622 miles on the clock. That is after owning the car for 10 years. Only 400 of these amazing vehicles were made, including one for none other than the Pope. Hardly a fitting mode of transport for him but lucky man. Over the years, many are no longer with us as a result of accidents. Hardly surprising when you consider the speed these cars can achieve.


This particular Enzo that belongs to Mr. Hillfiger, for now anyway, bears the number 50152 on its assembly tag. It was part of the first batch of 350 that were made. The remaining 50 were produced over the course a number of years. The Ferrari Enzo is powered by an almighty 6.0-liter V-12 engine which pumps out an unbelievable 490 pound-feet of torque and a horsepower of 660.


That sort of power will see the Enzo go from nothing to 62 miles per hour in a mere 3.2 seconds. That is fast…The top speed is 218 mph. Tommy’s Enzo was Ferrari red with a black and caramel leather interior. The car weighs only 3,009 pounds. Of course, a car of this caliber is going to none other than RM Sotheby’s and is due to go under the hammer in January 2017.


That gives people a short while to save up if they are interested. Enzos are averaging around $3 to $4 million on auction currently. JamesEdition boasts 3 Enzos on their books at the moment, two of them going for the paltry price of $2.3 million. Hilfiger’s is in mint condition with negligible mileage and is expected to go for a lot more. Why is he selling you might wonder. The 65-year-old Hilfiger had this to say. “My lifestyle is changing,” He added ” I don’t drive fast sports cars as I used to. These days I prefer driving my Rolls-Royce Dawn or my Maybach.”


Hell of a problem to have, I say.