Because Her Fiance Loves Chicken Nuggets, This Woman Transformed His Car Into One!

Reality shows have become all the rage over the last decade or so and we have seen many variations of the theme. Cars feature in a lot of shows as do pranks and tricks played on friends.


It looks like the networks might just be running out of ideas if new show, Carjackers is anything to go by. It is a 30 minute “car makeover” series by indie Electric Ray owned by Sony Pictures. Don’t let the term “car makeover show” fool you, this is nothing like Pimp my ride or similar shows that at least sill have a modicum of entertainment value. The basic idea behind the crazy show is that someone “steals” a car of a friend or partner and they then transform the vehicle into something else.

Not improve it and make it look better, they literally turn it into something else. In a recent episode of series one, Sarah from Barnsley came up with the bizarre idea of catching fiancé Dan out by stealing his car for the show and turning it into a, wait for it, chicken nugget. I am not sure about you but that does not sound like riveting TV to me. In fairness, I have not seen the show so perhaps there is a funny side to it, I just can’t imagine what that could be.


A chicken nugget? Really? When Dan discovered his car missing he naturally assumed it has been stolen. Once told that it has been “Carjacked.” with the show being brand new and not on the air yet, this meant absolutely nothing to poor Dan. Even if it had been running for years, would he have seen it I wonder? The show runs on E4 Monday-Friday at 7pm or you can catch the episodes on All4. Watching at 7pm might just run the risk of ruining your dinner, just a warning.

Sarah’s thinking was that Dan loved nuggets so it must be a good idea. He might like to eat them but I am not sure he is happy to drive one. If it was not for the “I Love Nuggets” sign on the back, it would be rather hard to see what the car was actually supposed to be, it could have been anything, but certainly not a car you would want to drive. Other transformations by the crazy team on the show include turning cars into shaggy dogs, giant ice skate, fluffy pink cats to space shuttles.

I think I am going to invest in extra security for my vehicle and keep an eye on my mates and wife.