General Motors Released Information On Their Completely Revamped 2018 Chevrolet Traverse

General Motors are remaining ultra tight lipped regarding details of the rumoured release of two new SUV crossovers.


Finally they did release some information on at least one of them, in the form of a teaser but confirm we can expect a completely revamped 2018 Chevrolet Traverse. The Travers, the largest of Chevrolets crossovers was first released way back in 2008 which is a lifetime ago in car terms. It was way overdue for a complete makeover.

Chevrolet are not saying too much more at this stage and the curious will just have to wait for the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January. It seems a lot of the auto makers are keeping details of new models under wraps so the show is bound to be full of surprises.

This is a big launch for Chevrolet with a lot riding on it. The Traverse has done well over its many years on the market with only minor declines in sales. There is a greater emphasis within Chevrolet and car makers as a whole on the crossover market which is becoming very popular.

We are expecting even more leg room in the already generously sized and spacious Traverse which features a three-row, eight passenger layout. The existing Traverse was similar to the earlier GMC Acadia, although the Acadia became progressively smaller over time.

So, all that remains are the Traverse and the Buick Enclave revamp, which is still a rumour at this stage, to be the large GM crossovers. Although not saying much more, Chevrolet is boasting that the Traverse will have the best third-row legroom of any crossover on the market. Expect quite a few changes internally and externally in line with Chevrolet’s new design direction.

From the sneak peak we got, we see the old current large lights will be slimmer and sleeker with a new “D-Optic” technology that is apparently a more natural, daylight type lighting. The general shape looks to be more like the Equinox than the Tahoe. Cargo space is also set to increase. So we wait in eager anticipation for the North American International Auto Show and hope Chevrolet can pull something out the hat.