Looking For A Rare, But Rather Eccentric Car? Ford GT Prototype Might Be Something To Look At

If you are in the market for a rare, one of a kind but rather eccentric car, then the Ford 2004 Ford GT CP-1 might be just what you are looking for. The CP-1 stands for “confirmation prototype one”.


It was their pre-production prototype of the Ford supercar and boasts the chassis number ending in 004. The quirkiness comes in a number of forms, the main one being that it has never done more than 5 mph, thanks to a speed limiter. The steering column used was taken from the very basic Ford Windstar minivan. Ford have just started to roll out their latest 2017 GT but the prototype is causing quite a stir.


It is very rare to have a prototype go up for sale but that is exactly what Ford have done and the vehicle will go under the hammer on 19 January 2017 at Russo and Steeles auction to be held in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was the very first prototype of this generation GT that had a working drivetrain. Apart from the 5 mph speed, the prototype also has a carbon fiber clamshell which ford later dropped for an aluminum version due to much lower costs.


The vehicle still has much of the specialized testing equipment that was used by the engineers when testing the prototype. To add to the history and authenticity of this unique opportunity, the car has been autographed by 13 of the developers, including chief engineer Fred Goodnow, chief designer Camillo Pardo, Ford Chairman Bill Ford Jr. as well as Carroll Shelby who did some of the testing. The prototype was initially sold in 2008 to famous GT collector and author of the book “Ford GT 2005-2006: The Complete Owners Experience, Joey Limongelli.


It went up for auction in June but failed to meet the reserve. A word of warning to anyone eager to get their hands on this car, it comes with a few restrictions. The first being that it is not street legal so will only be of interest to collectors. Secondly, you might well have to sign a deal with Ford that governs the future transfer of ownership. Apart from that, it’s a great buy.