Do You Believe In Zombie Apocalypse? You’ll Need Hyundai’s Zombie-Proof Elantra Coupe

If you were to try and picture a vehicle capable of taking on a zombie apocalypse, chances are Hyundai would be pretty low on your list.


It appears the people at Hyundai are out to change that perception set about doing that very successfully. The 100th episode of serial comic The Walking Dead was the inspiration Hyundai needed and to honor the occasion. They created a fantastic anti-zombie super Elantra Coupe. Not that James Bond ever had to deal with the likes of zombies but it puts his old Aston Martin weaponry to shame.


While its previous only real claim to fame was the super economical 40 mpg it could get on the highway, the new zombie-proof Elantra Coupe has a lot more to offer and by the looks of it, the walking dead will not stand a chance against it. While it is no easy task to recreate the fantasy drawing of such a machine, Hyundai partnered with Design Craft to do just that, and a damn fine job they did too.


Robert Kirkman from Skybound Image Comics, creator of the Walking Dead was also involved in the collaboration. They have dubbed the anti-zombie vehicle the Elantra Coupe Zombie Survival Machine (ECZSM). The project was completed in time to be proudly displayed at the upcoming annual Comic-Con in San Diego, California. You will be able to see the finished product at the Future US booth.


 The zombie killer boasts a robust zombie/cow catcher in the front, all-terrain tires, a roof hatch for direct zombie attacks and a host weapons and gadgets necessary to deal with the undead. What you will be able to do at the display is have a go at a bit of zombie target practice or even take part zombie dress up competition. You can also take a look at the owner’s manual for the ECZSM that will give you details of all the gadgets, communication systems and a multitude of weapons that are available.

I somehow doubt the sort of person likely to get behind the wheel of an anti-zombie vehicle is likely to sit down and read an owners manual.