1,000 Diamonds Used In The Paint Of This Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance

Making a dazzling debut at the 2017 Geneva auto show Rolls-Royce proudly unveiled their Ghost Elegance. I say dazzling literally as the luxury car maker used the dust of more than 1,000 crushed diamonds to add some sparkle to the paint finish.


Never one to skimp on expense or luxury, this is still a rather extreme move by Rolls Royce. The company was quick to point out that the diamonds used were ethically sourced. The Elegance is an extended-wheelbase Ghost hence the Ghost Elegance. Did it work I hear you ask? The effect is spectacular to say the least. The Diamond Stardust finish is done on the top half of the spectacular vehicle.


The result is a shimmer that radiates and shines in a fashion that can not compare to any metallic paint seen before. The Ghost Elegance still uses a two tone color scheme but this new technique makes a dramatic statement. It has hand-painted coach lines and 21-inch wheels with matching red pinstripes.


The interior, in striking contrast to the glitzy exterior is more subtle and conservative. In typical Rolls-Royce style, the cabin is kitted out with quality Tuxedo Black leather upholstery and finishes. There is a white leather console in the center, tartan on the rear-seat tray tables, pure wool carpets, oak trim and a two-tone steering wheel. It has everything you would expect from a Rolls and then some.


Rolls-Royce have explained that they undertook the Elegance concept to showcase what its custom specialty Bespoke group can achieve. They say that the team of lab and paint gurus spent the better part of two months analyzing and understanding the diamond dust and how it would reflect and react to light. The stand at the Geneva Motor Show has more to offer.


Rolls-Royce has more than one car on display at the show. Alongside the Ghost they also have other bespoke vehicles. They are also displaying their Wraith Black Badge and the Dawn–Inspired By Fashion. These two vehicles have been designed to attract a younger buyer as well as promoting their customization capabilities.