Pirelli Create Hi-Tech Colored Tires That Communicate With An App

Pirelli have just launched a state of the art tire that will automatically give feedback as to the air pressure, the amount of wear on the tread and any other aspects that could be relevant to its performance.


They have released two versions of these smart tires, the Pirelli Connesso which will be available for the Pirelli P Zero and Pirelli Winter Sottozero tires expected out in summer. The technology works by means of a tiny chip that is built into the sidewall. The weight is minimal so it will not affect the balance of the tire. The chip communicates directly with the Pirelli cloud which then transfers the important information to a smartphone app.


The Connesso system can differentiate between tires as each one has a unique identification code. It stores data over the life of the tire from manufacture to recycling when the tire has reached the end of its life. The system can track the wear, the load of the tire, temperature, air pressure and even how many kilometres it has travelled. The concept is still evolving and Pirelli say the next version will measure the air pressure as it is being inflated and advise you on the remaining lifespan of the tire.


Currently, the app will warn you when the wear is getting too low or if the pressure on any of the tires is incorrect. It will even go so far as to advise you on the location of the nearest store, order replacement tires and book the fitting. Simply amazing. Other upgrades expected on the new versions are reviews section to rate tire dealers and read the reviews of others. The next Connesso version will also let you know when there are motorsports events in your area.


When they come as standard on later versions, the technology will integrate with the vehicle’s onboard computer. Initially, the Connesso tires will only be available as aftermarket products and only on 19-inch or larger sizes. This technology has been used in Formula One tires since 2011.