Meet The World’s First 6-Second GT-R And Have Your Mind Blown Out Of Proportion!

AMS Performance does it again, only even better this time. Not long ago, there was much excitement when they set a new world-record, doing the quarter-mile time in 7.14-second with a powerful Nissan GT-R.


AMS gave the GT-R some special attention to achieve that. Not content with their record, they have outdone themselves and set even more records. After their record set in November last year AMS, teamed up with the same driver, Gidi Chamdi, have smashed their own record. The AMS GT-R is a 2,500-horsepower beast that took to the dragstrip chasing that illusive “six” figure.

And they did it, and then some. Chamdi and AMS beat their earlier record and set a few other records along the way. Their incredible pace for the quarter-mile was a jaw-dropping 6.93-seconds, maxing out at 196.27 mph. That makes the awesome AMS GT-R the very first sub-seven second quarter mile as well as the first 6.0-second all-wheel-drive car. Most impressive.

The video is breathtaking and the joy on the face of the team members is tangible as they celebrate their success. Just earlier, they had been stressing of sever serious engine challenges so their feeling was relief combined with utter joy as the new record was achieved. They had to replace the engine twice on the day so the record was set in what was the third engine.

Run officials asked record setting driver Chamdi what he thought of the run and with just a bit of tongue in cheek, he responded that “It felt slow.” Then again, this is the same man that made history in a Lamborghini Gallardo, clocking up to a record 240.64 mph so perhaps 196 mph was a bit on the slow side for him.

He added that he was uncertain they had achieved a 6.0-second run in the GTR as he sensed it breaking up a bit at the end of the quarter mile. Fortunately, he was mistaken and the proudly achieved history with their run. All the hard work and stress had paid off for him and the whole team. The car is owned by Chambi and was specifically built to do exactly what it did, break records.