The Amount Of Abuse Bugatti Cars Go Through To Make Sure They’re Tough Is Unbelievable

We’re all familiar with the way Bugatti can be when producing a new car. They go way above and beyond to manufacture hypercars that are extraordinary.


In a new video shared via twitter recently, it’s very clear that the automakers takes pride in his work and is diligent when engineering a vehicle to undergo some of the harshest performance conditions. James Mill from the Sunday Times posted a video to Twitter that displays just how hardcore Bugatti can be when they’re simulating scenarios that its cars may encounter. These are done in cases of extreme circumstances.

They’ve specifically created two intense rigs which throw the car or parts around; a suspension test rig and an engine rig. James Mill tweeted along with the video; “Here’s how @Bugatti ensured the is of the new Chiron is up to the task of managing 1500bhp, @ST_Driving #hypercar#billionaireclub” The suspension rig has many features one of which looks like giant robotic arms. The arms are tugging and pulling at the skeleton of the Chiron.

The rig’s to ensure the suspension in its entirety can manage 1,500 bhp. These tugs are far from gentle, the robotic arms play a mean game of tug of war. Like kids and the tv remote. That’s not the only thing to be impressed by, the engine rig is crazier. I know how is that possible? The point of the rig is to simulate and understand how a flat-out run of the Nurburgring would make an advance on the Chiron’s quad-turbocharged W-16 engine.

The rig takes no prisoners, throwing the heart of the Chiron violently. Simulating inclines, corners, as well as drops around the circuit which imitate the exact G-forces you’d experience. This also allows Bugatti to monitor, learn and comprehend the behaviour of the oil and coolant levels under intense pressures. Bugatti has been around since 1909 in Molsheim, France and are very trusted when it comes to their cars. They produce some of the best cars that are powerful, durable, top performers and aesthetically pleasing.

If you can get one, get one. It’s easy to justify the purchase, the company has worked hard to create amazing cars for you.