Ever Wondered Why Koenigsegg Regera Doesn’t Have A Transmission?

The Koenigsegg Regera came out just over two years ago now and the most interesting thing about it is that it does not have any transmission. How on earth is that even possible, especially on a car that can do close to 250 mph?


Well, to help us understand, we got Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained to help us understand it a bit better. It only has a single gear ratio but Jason explains that it works on a principal called “Direct Drive.” The massive 5.0-liter V-8 engine is linked by hydraulic coupling to the 2.73:1 final drive. When the Regera gets to 30 mph and over, it begins to work efficiently. Below that speed, propulsion is achieved by the electric drive system.

Jason does a bit of maths to explain tire and wind resistance at a random speed of 160 mph. In order to work, the Regera would need 2,368 pounds of force to spin the tires at that speed and there would also be 601 pounds of aero as well as rolling resistance acting on the car. So Jason explains that if it were only the engine, it would not be able to create sufficient torque at 160 mph with no transmission.

The Regera also has three electric motors that supply an extra 900 Nm (663.8 pound-feet) of torque. With the additional torque it now has sufficient power to operate at 160 mph. Jason goes on to explain how the Regera is better off without a transmission. If the car is able to break the tires free at 160 mph with a single speed gear then any extra gears would be of no additional value.

This type of technology is not reserved only for surpercars. The rather normal and plain Honda Accord Hybrid works in a very similar fashion and sends power directly to the wheels from the engine. While it does that, it also recharges the battery. It is quite amazing what can be done with modern technology. It is still hard to believe that a car that fast only has one gear.