Dodge Demon With 840-HP Goes From 0-60 In 2.3 Seconds!

Dodge have been cleverly teasing motoring enthusiasts for many months now in a very creative campaign. It has certainly got people talking and helped build a huge amount of hype around the release of the Demon.


Finally, and with much fanfare, it was unveiled in all its glory. The 2018 Challenger SRT Demon is here at last. It has certainly lived up to the hype and is everything people expected it to be, and more. So much so that the NHRA has banned it stating that it is too fast for the dragstrip. In what is probably the finest American muscle car ever produced, the statistics and performance figures are impressive to say the least.

The maximum output is an impressive 840 horsepower with 770 pound-feet of torque. That ranks it as one of the most powerful V-8 vehicles ever made. And it does not stop there. In a feat that has been certified by Guinness World Records, it is so powerful that it is able to lift the front wheels off the ground for 2.92 feet. Certifies by the NHRA, the Demon can do the quarter mile in a mind blowing 9.65 seconds, getting up to 140 mph.

That is another record for the Demon as it makes it the fastest production car in history over the quarter mile. That is impressive. In more impressive stats, it can do 0-30 mph in 1.0 second while running 0-60 mph in a mere 2.3 seconds. Yet again, another record for the Demon. The 0-60 speed is the fastest ever on any production car. You will feel the acceleration when it pulls at 1.8 g.

What is rally amazing is that it a factory-built car and comes with a three-year/36,000-mile vehicle warranty as well as a five-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty. Almost makes it sound like a normal car. Dodge achieved all of this through extensive engineering. They did not just take a Hellcat and tweak it here and there. More than half the engine is complete new and clearly designed for top performance.

The Hellcat had a 2.4-liter supercharger compared to the Demons 2.7-liter unit. Boost pressure has been increased by 2.9 psi, making a total of 14.5 psi. They also increased the redline from 6,200 rpm to 6,500 rpm. They then added in a dual-stage fuel pumps, not the single-stage pump on the Hellcat.