Dodge Demon Can Go From 0-60 In Just 2.1 Seconds, But There’s Something To Consider

Yes, the new Dodge Demon officially does the 0-60 mph in 2.1 seconds, but there is a bit more to it than that. The vehicle was recently launched and much has been spoken about their amazing figures and records.


Their claims that it is the most powerful production V-8 engine ever over the quarter mile and the fastest on the 0-60mpg are all true and certified. Dodge made sure of that before going public with such bold claims. They made no secret that the tests were conducted in stock form, using 100-octane racing fuel and including the Direct Connection powertrain controller which is an optional extra.

They also ran it with no rear seat or passenger seat, both of which are also optional. So the Demon did indeed, officially do the 0-60 mph time of 2.3 seconds. It has actually done even better than that on some runs, as low as 2.1 seconds. There is a reason they are not making too big a noise about this however, and that is what is called rollout.

For those not familiar with this concept, rollout is an additional 7 inches that vehicles starts rolling before the official timer begins. It is the gap between the first and second staging lights at the strips starting line. So for the purists, yes, you are not exactly at 0 mph when the timing begins, the car is already moving. Sure, it is important to be accurate, but 7 inches is not a lot of distance. It is a common testing practice but some do consider this to be cheating the system.


Head of Passenger Cars at FCA North America, Tim Kuniskis, explains: “Lately some people are trying to go for big stats, so they are including rollout, and they are being honest. Most people don’t know what rollout is, so it’s kind of a throwaway disclaimer. They are saying, ‘Hey, with rollout it runs blah blah blah blah.’ So we ran it both ways. Zero to 60 pure is 2.3 seconds, but with rollout it’s 2.1, and that’s important because that’s the fastest 0-60 mph of any production car, I don’t care what the technology is.”

So the 2.3 seconds, still an official record, still stands. The 2.1 seconds record is there for those that want to compare both scenarios. The Tesla stats for the S P100D doing the 0-60 mph run in 2.28 seconds were done under rollout conditions, just to put it into perspective. Their speed without rollout was 2.53 seconds, slower than the Demon. So now you know.