Sutton CS800 Mustang With 800-HP Revealed At The 2017 Top Marques Monaco

The legendary Ford Mustang is probably one of the most iconic American muscle cars of all time. Despite its rich history, it just continues to improve and the latest sixth-generation edition proves exactly that.


Although it has always been famous throughout the world, international fans are now able to purchase these amazing machines from their local Ford dealer. Not content with the already incredible perforce of the latest Ford Mustang, a few turners have been hard at work to transform them in something even more amazing. The latest creation is the Sutton CS800 Mustang which made a sneak preview before its official launch scheduled for the 2017 Top Marques Monaco this weekend.

Clive Sutton’s personalization shop, British dealer group Sutton Bespoke are the people behind the amazing creation.
They add their personal touch to cars, both performance wise as well as cosmetically by means of their own components as well as aftermarket pieces. The 800 in the name is a reference to the horsepower of their enhanced version, a major jump from the standard 435 horsepower. That’s a fraction less than double the performance which is impressive to say the least.


The improvements are thanks to, amongst other things, a Stage 2 Whipple Supercharger that was combined with a intercooler, a bigger throttle body, new injectors, long tube headers and an enhanced exhaust system. That additional induction certainly made a major impact by increasing the horsepower to that extent. The interior was not forgotten and was treated to dashboard of custom carbon fiber as well as a few Ford Performance enhancements.

Some of these are the Ford Performance Recaro seats (rarely available to the British Mustang market) and a short-throw shifter. The seats stitching makes it clear that it is a CS800 and the Shelby Cobra logo is visible as well as the exterior Super Snake-style hood. Some find the Clive Sutton CS letters alongside the Shelby snake logo a bit odd but that takes nothing away from the outstanding result that has been achieved.

Carbon fiber has been used for the rear fascia, the side skirts as well as the front splitter. Even the trunk lid is crafted from ultra-lightweight material. U.K. customers wanting to get their hands on one of these Mustangs can expect to pay around £64,950 for the CS800.