Ever Wondered How A Pagani Huayra BC Gets Delivered To Its Owner? Take A Look!

When you deliver a vehicle as spectacular and expensive as Pagani Huayra BC, you do it style and you do it with the utmost of care.


Considering the excited new owner is taking delivery of a legendary $2.55 million supercar, you do not simply drive it up to the house and hand over the keys. You really need to watch the video to appreciate the extreme caution as well as the pomp and ceremony that is involved in the whole deliver and handover procedure. The video shows the impressive delivery of the very Pagani Huayra BC to a customer in the United States.

We have avid YouTube user Emil Garcia to thank for the fascinating footage he captured of the entire, extravagant process. The BC in the name, Pagani Huayra BC, is not a reference to the age of the vehicle, it is about as modern a car as you will find. The initials pay homage to Benny Caiola, a renowned supercar collector who was a close friend of Horacio Pagani, Pagani founder.

The Pagani Huayra BC produces an impressive 789 horsepower and 811 pound-feet of torque which a significant improvement on the average Huayras. What makes it even more special and exclusive is the fact that a mere 20 Huayra BCs will be manufactured. The particular one in the video was transported by Prestige Imports in Miami.

Once cautiously and gently removed from the shipping pallet, the magnificent vehicle is then carefully loaded onto a transporter truck, securely strapped in and driven to its final destination, the home of the proud new owner. The new owner is none other than Argentinian race driver, Pablo Perez Companc. He knows how to celebrate victory in style and had the champagne on hand to toast the arrival of his new car. Aah, the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

If you are impressed by this service and wish to receive the same treatment, and have the money lying around to do it, I am afraid you are just a tad late. All 20 Huayra BCs that were made have long since been sold so you are out of luck.