Excited For Chevrolet Colorado ZR2? Deliveries Begin This Month

Chevrolet first got off-road enthusiasts excited about the possibility of a desert-running Colorado ZR2 as far back a November of 2014.


Finally, as of now, May 2017, they have just started to deliver the first of their most off-road worthy Chevy pickup to date, the all new Colorado ZR2s. The manufacturer has advised that those that place orders early will be getting them soon as they are sent out from the Wentzville, Missouri assembly plant. Amongst the first batch is one special vehicle, a Red Hot crew cab Colorado ZR2. It is on its way to Chad Hall’s garage of Hall Racing.

They are planning some exciting modifications and upgrades to the already amazing vehicle before it makes its first appearance at the August “Best in the Desert” series. Hall Racing have not said too much about their plans for the Colorado ZR2 but they like foundation they are starting with. “The Colorado ZR2 really caught our attention with its built-in versatility and the high-speed, off-road potential of the Multimatic DSSV dampers,” Hall said.


“We love the ground clearance, ride stability, departure and breakover angles of the ZR2, and the inherent light weight and maneuverability of its midsize package. It should be a great platform for us to build an off-road desert-racing truck.” Standard on the Colorado ZR2 are electronic locking differentials front and back as well as an AutoTrac transfer case.

The truck going to Hall Racing will sport a 3.6-liter V-6 engine with a 8-speed automatic transmission. Chevrolet will also make a 2.8-liter turbodiesel 4-cylinder model. After the Best in the Desert series, the truck will still have plenty to do. It will be used as a development vehicle to test a number of customized parts and performance enhancing parts that they are working on.


So for those who did not get their orders in early, they will still have a bit of a wait. For the lucky few that planned ahead, they will be expecting their exciting delivery any day now. The 2017 Colorado ZR2 is goes for $40,995 including the $940 destination fee. It is available nationwide so get your orders in quickly.