Are These The Biggest Celebrity Scandals Of All Time?!

You’d think that knowing all eyes were on you all the time, would be enough motivation for celebrities to keep themselves out of trouble. But this isn’t the case and often their dirty laundry is aired out for us all to see. These might just be the most scandalous moments of all time…

1. Tiger Woods Sex Scandal

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

When nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel came forward to reveal she had an affair with married Golf star Tiger Woods, it was a scandal. The real scandal, however, emerged when Woods hit a tree outside his home with his SUV and rumors started flying that the accident was caused by his wife chasing him and striking the car with a golf club. It then escalated when around a dozen women stepped forward claiming that they too had been having affairs with Tiger Woods. The marriage ended in divorce and Tiger lost many of his endorsements following the drama.

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