Dodge Hellcat Speeding Story A Hoax

The story of a Dodge salesman that was caught by Florida Highway Patrol doing over 148 mph, finally reaching speeds of 180mph, in the new Dodge Charger Hellcat has gone viral on social media.


Not only that, but is has been widely reported by numerous reputable news networks around the world. The story has since been discovered to have been a hoax and was fabricated. The various news agencies are now apologising profusely and assuring readers that they will fact check more carefully in future. Still, it was an interesting story and quite believable.

So please note, the following story is not factual although it was reported by multiple news agencies. It went viral on release; subsequently it has been discovered to be a hoax. At first glance the story is easy to believe as there has been no shortage of reports of Dodge Hellcat drivers pushing the vehicle to its limits and paying the price.

Various news services have called the dealership in question, and an official there confirmed that the entire story was made up. A spokesman for the dealership stated that the salesman named in the initial reports, a person by the name of Eric Hale, is, in fact the dealership’s “Internet Sales Manager” and posted the story online for fun. Below is the story which went viral;


A Dodge salesman has found himself in hot water after being clocked at over 180 miles per hour during a test drive. Accompanied by the potential buyer for the Dodge Hellcat, Florida Highway patrol initially clocked him doing 148 miles per hour, and after seeing the flashing lights in the rear view mirror accelerated to over 180 miles per hour, where after the Florida Highway Patrol terminated the pursuit.

Florida Highway Patrol did manage to get a read of the licence plate and traced the Dodge Hellcat back Thunder Dodge a dealership in Bartow Florida not far from Tampa. On returning to the dealership after the high speed test drive, the salesman was arrested on the spot by Florida Highway Patrol on charges of reckless driving.

After some hours, the salesman was released on bail at the expense of the customer, at this stage it’s not clear if the customer bought the Dodge Hellcat after being the passenger in the salesman’s high speed pursuit with highway patrol.