Ford Unveils It’s Latest Ford Shelby F-150 Super Snake With A Whopping 750 HP

Shelby American has debuted their jaw dropping take on the Ford F-150, most Ford enthusiasts are familiar with the Shelby Ford Mustang, so seeing Shelby take America’s bestselling truck and give it the Shelby makeover has everyone talking.

Shelby has given the Ford F-150 pickup the Super Snake Treatment and it’s a doozy. Vince LaViolette, the Shelby American vice president stated the F-150 is “True to Carroll Shelby’s philosophy, it has more power, more sound, more styling and more handling prowess…” The stock 5 litre V-8 has a supercharger and performance modifications to give the F-150 a whopping 750 horsepower, that’s almost double what the stock 5 litre produces.

Adding to the performance are a carbon fibre intake tube, new fuel injectors, special Shelby tuned BDS suspension with Fox shocks for improved handling, Borla exhaust, billet throttle body and heat exchanger. It sports a full body kit featuring a new polycarbonate dual intake ram air hood, meaty bumpers, a custom tonneau cover and additional spoilers.

Powder coated blower and intake cover in Ford racing blue if you so choose, as there are six factory colours, racing stripes, Shelby brake callipers, 18 inch Shelby engraved alloy rims, Baja proven BFGoorich K02 tyres and a Shelby logo on the racing grille grill. The interior of the F-150 is adorned with the Shelby Super Snake on the floor mats, centre console and an embroidered Super Snake headrests.

The dash has a Shelby CSM dash plaque, CSM stands for Carroll Shelby Motors. Potential customers will be able to choose between either a two wheel drive or four wheel drive version of the pickup, though Shelby is quick to point out the F-150 Super Snake edition is street oriented and not intended for off road excursions. Produced in collaboration between Ford Shelby, Ford performance and exhaust expert Borla, only 150 of these monster Ford F-150’s will be made available.

Each Shelby F-150 Super Snake model will be priced in the region of $96,880, this includes a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty as well as entry into Shelby’s official registry. Gary Patterson, Shelby American President says of the brand “The ‘Shelby Super Snake’ badge carries tremendous prestige because every vehicle that wears it represents the pinnacle of performance…”