A New Volkswagen Golf GTI First Decade Concept Is Being Revealed At This Year’s Worthersee GTI-Treffen

Worthersee as it is commonly known is the largest Volkswagen and Audi car show in Europe and has been held annually in the lakeside town of Reifnitz in the southern Austrian state of Carinthia since 1981.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI First Decade Concept is so named because it represents the tenth year Volkswagen has given automotive supplier Sitech and their own apprentices the chance to create and present their own unique customized Volkswagen GTI’s at the show. This year’s GTI concept features a standard 2.0 litre turbocharged inline 4 up front and an electric motor in the rear.

Together they form a hybrid all-wheel drive system and push out a combined 404 horsepower using a six speed dual clutch transmission. Each power plant can work independently providing either a petrol or electric only configuration. The electric engine is run on a 48 volt system developing approximately 16 horsepower as a standalone unit.

The two batteries used for charging are mounted in the rear and use brake energy regeneration. The prototype battery has an increased capacity from 8.8 kilowatt hours upgraded to 16.9 kilowatt hours, effectively doubling the range in electric only mode. Volkswagen sees the concepts system providing Eco friendly mobility in urban environments and say that the electrically powered rear wheels can be used to around towns and cities cutting down on carbon emissions.

Additionally, the all-wheel drive system will aid traction in slippery conditions. Being a concept car, the Volkswagen Golf GTI FD also showcases lots of gadgets and add-ons. The body of the Volkswagen GTI FD is painted in various shades of blue, Atlantic Blue Metallic combined with Satin Ocean Shimmer foil accents giving the car a very attractive appearance.

The interior of the vehicle has matching blue trim, handmade sports seats which can be controlled by smartphone, even a massage function is available for those so inclined. Conspicuously, there are no rear seats, these have been removed and replaced with a 1,690 watt stereo system with eleven speakers.